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It seems that tablets are very important for children.

Time:2018-12-16 14:45:38 S M L

There is a kid who is naughty. If his parents don't buy tablets, they will run away from home. It's really frustrating for parents to meet such a child. After Mr. Zhang refused his son's request to buy a tablet computer for the fourth time in a week, he heard such threats from his son.

Originally he didn't take it seriously, but when he was using the computer at noon yesterday, he inadvertently saw a page in the web browsing record that ran away from home, making him both depressed and angry, so the tablet manufacturer replaced the price of the tablet a little, so that children who wanted the tablet could afford it.

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang are both working class. Their monthly salaries add up to more than 4000 yuan. The 10-year-old son's tablet computer costs more than 2000 yuan, which is a huge expense for the family. "There's a computer at home. Why do you have to buy a tablet? It's not necessary." Mr. Zhang's explanation had no effect on his son.

The son said that every time he went to play with his classmates, he saw that they all had tablets, and he couldn't get in touch with the contents. "What do others have, what do they have?" Mr. Zhang said that he was satisfied with his son's food and study utensils. But this time it was a little too much, and also threatened to run away from home, and found out the strategy on the Internet, "This child is really a headache."

Nevertheless, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Zhang bought a tablet computer with his friends. Eventually, he spent more than 1900 yuan on activities. "I'll talk to my son again. After all, running away from home is no joke. After he realizes his mistake, I'll take the tablet out again." Mr. Zhang is quite helpless about this, but he can't think of a better way to deal with it.

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