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The Difference between Tablets and Laptops

Time:2018-12-16 14:52:03 S M L

Many netizens asked Guomei Xiaobian "the difference between tablet and notebook", so Guomei Xiaobian made a detailed analysis and comparison of tablet and notebook, and now share with you.

Tablets are based on the shape of tablets, without keyboards and flips. They are lightweight and convenient to put in handbags. The screen size is generally less than 10 inches. The structure and components are ultra-low voltage versions of power-saving. They can install x86 versions of Windows, Linux or Mac OS PCs. Support touch control, support handwritten voice, can call the convenience terminal.

Tablets represent the next generation of mobile commerce PCs. From Microsoft's tablet concept product, the tablet is a fully functional PC that does not need to flip, has no keyboard, and is small enough to fit into a lady's handbag. Compared with notebook computers, it has all its functions, but also supports handwritten input computer configuration: or voice input, mobility and portability are better than notebook computers, but the performance is generally slightly worse than notebook computers.

With notebook function, but more portable than notebook, in mobile Internet performance is more prominent, such as built-in 3G Internet access function, such a computer is a tablet! The famous Apple IPAD can be counted as the last well-known tablet computer, Ipad users are numerous.

Now there are many tablet products on the market. I can only tell you that 80% of the tablet products you see are fake tablet "computers" (tablets can be called, but absolutely not computers). They are actually MP4 with WIFI function in large size, especially those so-called tablets with Andorid system. If you want to ask the difference between these products and notebooks. In a word, it's the difference between an MP4 and a notebook that can be accessed to the internet. There's no way to use it as a computer. Last time I bought this kind of "tablet computer" I was depressed for a long time. I can't do anything except log on the web page and watch pictures. Listening to songs is also very expensive!

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