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Common problems with watches

Time:2018-12-16 14:57:18 S M L

1. What are the functions?

Our telephone watches have the main functions of calling, positioning and chatting, as well as the functions of taking photos, flashlights, alarm clocks, footprints, weather, time, year, month, day, week, calendar, etc., as well as remote shutdown, timed switching off, class ban and other management functions. It's very powerful.

2. Is it touch screen?

We are 1.44 inch HD touch screen.

3. Waterproof?

We live waterproof, can't soak in water oh.

4. Can I charge it?

We are 400 mA high performance lithium batteries, which can be electrified.

5. Do you send phone cards?

Our watches have built-in Unicom phone cards. You don't need to go to the business hall to get them.

6. What card?

We are built-in chip phone cards.

7. Can I change my card?

We are chip patch cards. Watches can't be changed, removed or removed.

8. Can we use mobile (telecommunication) cards?

The card in the telephone watch has nothing to do with what card parents use. You can use any card on your mobile phone.

9. Does Cary have a telephone bill?

Cary doesn't have a telephone bill. You have to charge for it when you receive your watch.

10. How much is the charge?

We have a 6-month package of 99 yuan (16.5 yuan per month) and a 12-month package of 168 yuan (14 yuan per month).

11. Is there any traffic in Carry?

Our package includes flow, unlimited use.

12. What brand are you?

We are the joint brand of China Unicom - Jogli QOGIR

13. How much is the charge for the package and how many minutes?

The package includes a watch for 50 minutes a month, free of charge, unlimited flow, if the month exceeds 50 minutes, more than 0.2 yuan per minute, each can charge 5 yuan for 25 minutes.

14. Does it cost 0.55 yuan a day without calling?

We have a set meal, which lasts 50 minutes in a month and 16.5 yuan a month.

15. Telephone charges are too high. 16 yuan per month is too high.

The minimum set meal in the business hall is 18 yuan. You can go to the business hall to find out.

16. What kind of express delivery, when and how many days can it arrive?

From Shenzhen today, Yuantong Express is expected to arrive in 3-5 days.

17. How to make a phone call?

Watches are entered into the phone book through APP. Watches can only pull out the contacts in the phone book. For the safety of children, all contacts must be approved by parents.

18. How to plug in the card? Do you want to load this card?

We have Unicom's phone card installed in our watches. You don't need to put it in any more.

19. Can I open it?

Parents can download APP on their mobile phones, bind their watches, and recharge them in the app on their mobile phones.

20. How many days does it take to be full of electricity?

Charging for about 3 hours can be full, standby is about 4 days, the phone can be used for 1 - 2 days, depending on the frequency of use.

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